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In The Beginning...

Posted 9/23/2014

October 5, 2009...

Adriana and I met on our first date.  Now most of you that have any interest in this story already know how and where we met.  I won't go back an re tell the whole story.  However, I will say it was a great day in both of our lives when we first met.  

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Court October 2009

Posted 10/7/2011

I have been very lucky in my life to have some really good people to call friends.  I am most especially lucky to call three men my best friends--Jeff Bosonetto, Greg Ross and Preben Arnvard.  In court in 2009, Jeff took time from his family of five to be with me in court when Tammy (aka tBit) took me to court for...wait for it...now guess....MONEY and less time with the kids for me.  Well, guess what, she got it.  My child support increased and I lost two supper nights per month with the children.  I had what I thought was an iron clad case to prove I needed time with the kids and that my pay had not changed and if anything had gone down.  


Now you are probably thinking he sounds like any other father/ex-husband that got taken to the cleaners by an angry ex-wife.  However, in my case, something didn't feel right.  I knew she had the answers to too many questions ahead of time.  My father used to say to me she is smart and to not underestimate her.  What I didn't know at the time and didn't for years to come is she had my entire playbook--I was being stalked. 

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